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Emu Oil With The Regimen?

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I just started the regime yesterday. My acne is mild, and usually isn't very bad, but I just recently found out I have mono and along with the mono came a bout of acne! Right now it is along my chin and a large one on my upper lip. I've used emu oil for over a year now as a way of moisturizing and as a way of healing/preventing red marks. I absolutely love the effects it has! My question was - can I use emu oil in addition to the moisturizer during the regimen? Last night I used Cetaphil moisturizer and then applied a small amount of emu oil just in the spots where there is some hyper pigmentation.

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I have no experience with Emu oil. Jojoba oil is what I use with my moisturizer. I guess my advice would be just to monitor your face closely and make sure the oil doesn't cause any bad breakouts.

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I have used emu oil for nearly two years, and have never had an issue with it causing breakouts. I assumed since the regimen gives you the option to include jojoba oil, that emu oil would be an okay substitute. I guess I will continue to use it and if for some reason I am not seeing the result I want I will stop. Also I am on the regimen right now but am not currently using any of the acne.org products. I have ordered them but am waiting for them to arrive. Until then I am using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and Paula's Choice 2.5% BP. i'm anxious for the other products to arrive since I've read using the acne.org treatment is key to see better and faster results!!

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