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Feeling Stupid... Could Use Some Positive Support

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I've gotten chemical peels twice before (vitalize peels). The last time was two months ago. I had a pretty serious reaction to that one about a week after the peel (when I started using my acne meds again). This time I'm already having a reaction and I haven't even peeled yet! It's not terrible- itchy with redness and small itchy bumps. I had the peel done early yesterday morning and these problems showed up this afternoon.

My question is- has anyone else found their skin was just too sensitive for chemical peels? Also, do you think if I use cortisone cream for a couple days it will help? I have it from last time this happened.

I'm also using only cetaphil cleanser and cream moisturizer. Fortunately since I'm not working right now I can hide completely from the sun all week.

I'd love to hear from others who have had similar experienced and can give me hope!

I start a new job in ten days and I'm worried about it!

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Use a more emollient moisturizer than Cetaphil, it will speed the peeling process (Cetaphil really just sits on the skin.) Try a pure oil, coconut, even vitamin E. Don't rub it in.

I frequently break out under peels, it's a hazard of stimulating your skin and then having a layer of dead, dry skin over it.

You're only on day 2. On Day 5 if you leave it alone til then and exfoliate with Freeman's Charcoal Sugar or something like it (without glycolic/salicylic,) it could be a different story when your peeling gets going.

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