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Is Makeup Effective To Draw Attention Away From Face?

Nope, i dont mean foundation/powder make up that you put directly on your skin, but the other stuff like lipstick mascara etc.

I tried fixing my brows and putting a bright lipstick? Do you think it works? Do you guys think they would lessen looking at my acne marks with a bright lipstick? Im getting mixed comments. Some thinks it makes my skin look clearer than usual. Others think i look like a clown (i have brown and red marks and my face turn red when im super oily)

Any more suggestions? Please!

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I would say that makeup can do good and bad things for acne. If you apply is correctly it can be good and hide what you want hidden. If your not that great at applying makeup it can look bad, and just draw more attention to problem areas. Applying bright colored lip stick would draw attention to your lips and chin and jaw line area. Applying nice eye make will draw attention to your eyes. It all depends on where you are trying to draw attention to and what your problem areas are.

Your photos are pretty grainy so it's hard to see your acne clearly. From what I can tell I think what I am seeing is Hyperpigmentaion rather than active acne. Correct me if I am wrong, like I said it's kind of hard to tell. Those red spots (hyperpigmentation) are pretty easy to cover if you get a good coverage foundation. I love Clinique full coverage line to cover up any red or brown spots left behind after acne has went away. Applying it correctly with a foundation brush can do wonders for hiding those marks. If it's active acne that I am seeing I would have different recommendations.

I also moved your topic over to the cosmetics and grooming forum. Your likely to get more answers related to makeup and what not over in that area.

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I think just putting on make up that looks good does the trick. I'm sure you want to draw attention away from your acne but if you're in a relationship you have to be honest about your skin. I've hear of guys initially freaking out when they find the skin surface is bumpy and only masked by tons of concealer. Hopefully, you could find someone supportive who knows what you're going through.

The best thing is to treat the underlying condition and then you won't have to worry about masking it so much. ;)

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It can do both. If you put heavy makeup to cover your acne then that would be a sight to look at however if you'll just put the right amount of it then it can do justice to your face. Besides your acne is not that bad. Cheer up! :)

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