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Week 1, Tight Skin: Normal?

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i have combination skin--fairly oily t-zone, extremely dry/flaky from my jawline and down the sides of my neck, which is where i have the most acne. i've started and stopped the regimen twice over the last three months (i kept trying to get away with 10% bp... not recommended. it was worse than any sunburn i've ever had, without going into the sun) but i finally found 2.5% bp at CVS, so i started again.

i started on monday, and i've been applying a glob of bp (about the size shown in the regimen video for week 1, sometimes a little bit more) and then about twice as much moisturizer (oil-free, non-comedogenic, designed for combo skin). i've been doing this for about four days now.

my skin looks like it's clearing up quite a bit. it feels a lot smoother. it looks very red, feels itchy and dry, and the bp and moisturizer both sting a little when i apply them, and i know all of this is pretty normal for the first week.

what i'm wondering is, is it normal for my skin to feel really tight at this point? if i lift my chin up, i feel the skin on my neck being tugged, and when i smile, i feel the skin on my face being pulled. i'm really uncomfortably aware of it. is this just a normal part of it being really dry at this stage, and will it go away? or is this cause for concern? this is basically how it felt right before the sunburn-like symptoms (extreme redness, peeling) appeared when i was using the 10% bp, so i'm a little bit nervous.

sorry that this is really long. i'd really appreciate any help!

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i think its normal, my skin get tight after im using the cleanser and the BP but when im using the moisturizer my skin is normal again.

try using more moisturizer 2 full pumps like the instruction says.

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