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The Regimen On School Morning

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so school is coming soon and i just wondering how do you use the regimen on school morning?

because when i putting the moisturizer its take a lot of time until its absurd and my skin looking so oily and cant wait that long before going to school.

so what should i do ?

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I have the same situation! My skin looks red and oily after i apply the moisturizer which does take a while to absorb, but idk i guess you gotta wake up more early than usual, i think 30 minutes is enough time for the moisturizer to settle.

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Guys I have the same issue here, I leave for school at 7:15 but I stay up late almost everyday since i have AP classes and a ton of homework, I find it really hard to get up early and sit around waiting for my moisturizer and BP to absorb....any tips?

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Two tips I can pass on.

First is to multi-task. Apply BP then make lunch, make bed etc. Apply moisturiser and eat breakfast, pack school bag blah blah. So in otherwords, while you're waiting for each stage to dry or absorb, make sure you're doing something else in your morning routine.

My second tip is with the moisturiser. I used to find that if I applied two full pumps in one go it would take forever to rub it in. But if I apply one pump, move it around until its almost fully absorbed then go do something else for five mins and then come back and apply a second pump, the second pump absorbs heaps faster.

As for the question if you can use a different moisturiser, the answer is yes. As for using less moisturiser, if you're applying the full amount of BP then I would advise not to reduce the mosturiser level.

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