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Yep, for the first time in a century it seems I got a few chest zits from walking around sweating in a bra that pressed my girls together, and four randomly emerged on my back several days ago from the herbal detox I'm doing.

Trying to attack them with moistened MSM powder was breaking my arms, so I dumped an entire bottle of Bragg's in a bath and soaked in there with my sulfer soap and a body loofah.

Can't feel them on my back anymore- nothing raised or oily.

And my face, which was 97% clear sans 2 inconspicuous pimples and and some flaking healing spots is now smooth and soft.

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I've also discovered that a Stevia bath heals wounds and draws out impurities, with all the same hydrating/protecting qualities as honey.

Dried crysanthemum boiled in water then added to the bath is antiseptic/antibiotic.

Combining the three is a wonderful anti body-acne bath.

Other herbs you can add are hibiscus (antioxidant, hydrating,) arrowroot (antimicrobial,) prickly pear (anti-inflammatory,) mung bean (anti-aging,) salicornia (whitening, anti-oxidant,) kelp (elasticity, tone,) and tumeric (anti-inflammatory.)

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