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Hey guys, I have some questions about food/diet. So the daily recommended amount of sugar intake is around 35g. It seems grams of sugar stack up so quickly in foods, especially in fruits. A single apple has about 12g of sugar. But apples supposively help with leveling blood sugar/glucose levels. Can someone help me understand this a bit better?

On this topic, what about those cleanses (such as Antony's on here) where you eat nothing but apples? On these, you eat 12-16 apples per day for like 3 days. So that would be a lot of sugar consumption. Knowing that blood sugar levels are an important factor in preventing acne, I was just looking for some clarification?

Also, I know there is some controversy over whole grains. How does this cereal sound?


It only has 1g of sugar, which is very low for cereals. I'm just hungry a lot due to a fast metabolism and love to eat cereal (with almond milk of course). It seems like a decent cereal, but I'm never sure.

So does anyone know of the perfect cereal that we could eat (low in sugar, good ingredients)?

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Kellogg's cornflakes total Special K

When in need of sugar try to eat fruit instead I honestly just have a protein shake like the ones you buy already made.

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I've moved your topic over to Diet and Holistic health forum. I think you'll get a lot more help in that area.


oh wow, didn't know this existed... Thanks!

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