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Help Urgent! How Do U Do The Makeup? It Just Doesnt Work?

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i just cant anymore, its super important day today, family gathering etc

i put makeup (tonal cream, mildly light) overnight so it would soak into my very shitty skin better n look at least somewhat natural this day

but omfg i look so ultimately bad!!! im so depressed as hell and desperate, everyone will have fresh, smooth faces there. i look SO SO SO BAD!! i have noo fun in my mind whatsoever right now, i just wanna either go back to sleep and dont wake up or just jump off the bridge. im soo depressed

i didnt just put bunch of it on i rly just applied layers after layers of it. it was like liquidy? bt it looks like a clumpy mess nyway, just like my face fell in somekinda lame consistency by accident. its not even fake looking, its just obviously bad and ridiculous looking. its so retarded looking i wanna die so much

wth am i doing wrong? how do ppl manage to look natural with it in any way at all??

wht can i do now to improve? i cant take it off either my face will be red and irritated and i rly dont wanna show my shitty skin to all those ppl either?


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ok dont mind tht, i kinda fixed it a bit with paper sheet, its still crappy but i cbf nywmore

is there ny way to conceal a spot thts red nd like in the middle of healing? its kind of raw still, it just goes through makeup, makeup dont absorb there. ny way to hide them?

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the makeup at night thing is not a good move....to do all the time

clean skin at bed is a must, and treat the active pimples then

for active pimples I treat first once that's dry I like powder concealer for active acne- there are many out there, just get a good match

for all over help I just tried the new Maybelline BB makeup that has SA in it, been a week now and I really like it- coverage is very light though, I go over it with concealer on areas that need help...again powder concealer

so no harm done sleeping with it for one night, just don't make it a habit....and deep breath, get out there and have a good time- no one notices every little bump the way we do....it's hard, but get out there!

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lol i know yes
bt sometimes u just dnt have no time to heal no freaking pimples anymore nd just gotta do wht makes u look/feel the best
it took ~12h after makup applying for it to look acceptable n certain lightning even good
right i forgot, i did used a bit of powder on top too afterall
(lol her name is bae, bt oh god shes rly supernice looking indeed gotta say *~*)
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I know how you feel! I was the same at christmas! Ive been on accutane for 5 months, and its been a lifesaver!!

Have you heard of Dermablend? I still use it (just not as much) and it covers EVERYTHING! Redness and all! And you dont need much for good coverage.

Also, do you use liquid foundation and primer?

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ive heard of something similar, its veeery expensive for me
with cash i cant get i rather wanna focus on fixing my skins natural look as much as i can
bcs another downer of makup is tht u cant swim? esp u cant go down water n probs even little splash does smthn to ur makeup. rly sucks. i was siting like a looser n watching when some ppl were swiming. was so envious. waste of time u_u
also putting additional layers after awhile makes ur face such a mess u cant imagine, like its worse than anything i complained before!! =_= u just have to take everything off, reapply n wait half a day for it to look ok again
mine was kinda liquidy i think but idk all those types, i just know it as tonal cream
so i was with makeup on face (nonstop) all this time and on 2nd day i got laarge dense bump growing on area inbetween cheek n chin BUT today (3rd day with makup on STILL) its goin away already nd completely on its own :l
how r u gonna explain that?
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You just can't do that. There is no way I would wear make up overnight.

Youtube Lisa Eldrigde's channel or Cassie Diamond on how to cover acne. I would NOT buy the products she uses because some like the Vichy has a lot of crap in it, but she shows you techniques. I use Bare Minerals medium concealer blush to dab on pimples then blend but it means nothing if you are all broken out.

Try Revlon Colorstay, read comedogenic ingredient lists, and be wary of anything with skin-clearing ingredients because half of the time what is making you break out is allergic reactions.

Do not sleep in makeup. That's the time you need to let your skin breath.

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A lot of makeup artists recommend the beautyblender sponges. It's a lot for a makeup sponge but it does work better than the cheapy ones at the drugstore. I used to apply my makeup with professional cosmetic brushes but the brushes don't work very well when you have acne, or scars, or open pores.

You basically get the beautyblender damp and then use it to apply the makeup. It really blends and covers much better that way.

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I use MAC face and body foundation (you only need a minimal amount). They'll help match your skin at the counter. I also use their concealer to dab on the spots and go over with my Bareminerals and it blends everything away. My skin looks natural and hides my PIH. If you don't want to layer things up try a CC cream which has more coverage than a BB cream. Smashbox's CC cream also lightens dark spots over time.

Masking your acne is one thing but you need to seek a derm to help with the underlying cause (is it hormonal or bacterial)? Hope,this helps!

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