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So I'm Exhausted And No Longer Have Any Will To Fight

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12 years, I've been fighting, spending so much money, so much energy and so much time!

I've tried it all, diets, natural remedies, antibiotics, creams, oils and accutane 3 times ( lost half my hair). Is the acne gone? Nope, in fact its as red as it has always been. I'm tired you guys, how do find ways to deal with it, I just wanna throw in the towel here.

I'm sorry to vent like this, honestly, this forum is what gave me my small victories in the first place, but really are we meant to suffer forever? Sigh, I'm scared and lost right now :/

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I'm sorry :(

This might sound stupid but have you tried not doing anything at all? Don't touch it. Don't look at it. Don't think about it. Use a super gentle cleanser and don't put too much thought into it. You could just be keeping it around by stressing out about it.

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psychokitty - I have I'm afraid, things only got worse and worse honestly :( Just being on a healthy diet helped a lot with the small acne, but the big painful ones still remained :( If it was the other way around I would of been happy haha, Josh* - I'm very happy to see that you're clear :) I hope you stay so forever. I would never wish anyone to have what I have, feeling like a monster is no fun at all! Jond95 - I did a food allergy and hormonal test, both came out clear. I have no allergies to any foods and my hormones were the norm. Afraid there are no doctors in my area by using that site :/ But thank you so much for the help! Thank you all for the support, I don't know where I would be without this wonderful community. I think I best just keep my mind occupied instead of slide into depression.

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Have you tried a Chinese Medicine Dermatologist/ Herbologist? No diet allergy tests needed. Food restrictions are based on pH and your specific needs. Liver and kidney blockages from too much medication- all medications live in your excretory organs, including your skin- are addressed, as are hormone imbalances and mood.

The anxiety our skin causes us exacerbates our acne, which increases stress, which exacerbates acne, and so on and so on.

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Hi, don't lose hope, stay positive because acne will not stay forever. As long as you have your proper facial care acne will not leave deep scars and marks on your face. Acne are hereditary and in our genes which we get from our ascendants but don't worry because there are solutions and remedies for acne. Stay positive and feel beautifu; inside and it will manifest. Try to use BP and solution to control the secretion of too much oil. I am using anti seborrheic solution every morning.

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