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Which Antidepressant Is Best To Take For Acne While On Accutane?

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I have been having a lot of anxiety before Accutane and have been considering to take an antidepressant but I am afraid of it causing more acne. Anyone know what antidepressants are safe for acne and don't interact with Accutane?

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isn't Lexapro and wellbutrin supposed to cause acne?

my gp gave me paxil but I read its really rough on withdrawing on it so I never took it

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I had luck with Tofranil PM/Escalith cocktail in high school, and Seroquel recently (but the latter made me gain 15lbs in a month.)

Any other psychotropic ADD-Antidepressant-Benzo I've tried has broken me out, in more deep, scarring acne than I've ever had in my life. This summer of medication trials (and shit eating) has been HELL. It been like I'm 14 again.

Lately- GABA (nature's Xanax) and St. John's Wort (nature's Prozac) have actually worked. I'm not advising going off your meds unless your dr says it's ok. My psychiatrist thought I was overreacting and didn't understand the depth of my acne anxiety and how compounding acne with prescriptions was causing more mental strife. But they are f'ing up your liver, with is connected to your skin, and an f'd up liver can cause emotional malaise.

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