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Midnight Paradox

Swimming And Showering On The Regimen?

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Ever since I started the Regimen, I had amazing results. The only problem, however, is that I avoid swimming or showering during the day. I know Dan recommends that you don't wash off the benzoyl peroxide, so I've limited activities I like such as swimming or going to the gym and showering during the day. My question is: if I apply BP in the morning, wash it off by swimming/showering during the day, and apply at night.....will my acne still be kept at bay? Or will that only happen if my face is not washed at all throughout the day? Thank you!

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Well, I use it only at night for the same reason, during the day you can't do a lot of things with BP on, and well... my face is clear like 95%.

So yeah If you don't have severe/cystic acne it might work for you too.

Just remember to clean your face during the day and keep it hydrated. ;)

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I do the regimen in the morning, I hit the gym around the evening and shower once I get home (no face cleansers), and do the regimen again late night before bed. If u enjoy swimming then go out and swim. No big deal. It's ok to wet the face just make sure you're not using a cleanser more than twice a day......u don't want to irritate the skin

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I had the same concern. I work out during the day or like to remove my makeup to take an afternoon nap. I found just washing your face with water is fine as long as you wait a couple hours for the BP to absorb into your skin. I reapply my moisterizer after as well so my skin doesn't dry out. Noted, Ive only done this for the last 2 days, but it hasn't effected my skin at all and I continue to see improvements. (: Hope this helps! <3

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