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Needing Support Thru It All

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It has been four months since my acne started from a minor breakout to severe cystic acne....I blame it on bad dermatologists and stress..but its hard to deal with. I finally have started Accutane..was prescribed 80 mgs...I weigh only 114 pounds but am nervous to take that much so im doing 40 mg. My skin I really don't understand right now...I don't even know what kind of acne it is...to me it looks like gram negative staph or folliculitis... it just spreads and spreads next to each other leaving terrible red marks and maybe even scars....all over my face...its not like the little spots...its like interconnected ones....and now with the Accutane its just all coming out...everywhere...and I don't know how to support it...ive never had bad acne...I had clogged pores but this...at age 32...is really really hard to cope with ....because I know after all the acne is gone...I will have these terrible red marks and scars to deal with ...and no money to fix them..i cant even go outside my house anymore....and I have a daughter to raise and make happy but everyday I wake up so unhappy...I don't know why this had to happen to me..or how to face the world now...or if I will find a man who will even love me or find me attractive anymore....I just moved recently back with my mom...but she's no support ....she just tells me its my bad karma and she doesn't like me that its payback from my rebellious childhood when I was bad to her....I just pray for strength right now. I have no friends anymore and I really need a support system through this whole Accutane journey because its just getting worse...and worse....and I am hoping its gonna get better soon....

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You got it! You're a beautiful person and i'm sure a wonderful mom. Your child loves you regardless. You're on a treatment now that works for a lot of people so be patient, read the logs of others as well as youtube diaries, take care of your stress and health (eat right and exercise) and as much as possible, stay away from people who bring you down, even your mom.

If you ever need to talk, pm me

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Moms can be tough I'm going trough it now single mother trying so desperately to move:/ I too have no support but let me be of help if you can do this for scars

* aloe vera

*bleaching creme

*chemical peels


*fraxel although its expensive I hear repair is worth it

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