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I thought I would never post here, but I guess I need to vent. I’m not a native speaker so I’m sorry for all my grammar mistakes.

I am 18 year old guy (19 in 1 month) and my acne problems started in November 2012 (I was 17). I started to get more and more pimples. I searched on my local forums and bought couple of medicaments, but they didn’t work any good. So in January 2013 I decided to go to my Dermatologist. She gave me some antibiotics, which worked for a couple of months and then they were getting weaker. So I went there again and again but all the drugs which she gave me worked only a limited time, or didn’t work at all. Last time I was there (July 3rd) she gave me Skinoren and Zineryt, but I don’t think they help too much. I also use every morning and night Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant. I read that diet affects acne so I don’t drink milk, I also don’t eat chocolate and I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and also drink a lot of water. My acne might have a connection with celiac disease, which I thought I had, since I had a digestion problems (diarrhea) when I was eating gluten. But I got myself checked (panendoscopy) and they found out that I don’t have celiac disease. But my brother who also has celiac disease was also negative from this examination, but they found out from blood sample that he has celiac disease. The doctor told me to eat probiotics which helped me a lot with the abdominal pain, but I still have acne. Btw I also take vitamins A and D and also Zinc, but so far it hasn’t improved my skin.

In this article I am going to explain how acne affected my life.

I’ve lost all friends and every day is a bad day for me. When I wake up I hope that my skin has improved, however the only thing which I see in the mirror is a new pimple. I have never been to any party. When my friends (when I still had some) asked me to go with them somewhere I always said no and told them some excuse. I missed a lot of weddings, family trips and so on. It’s very tough to see other people with perfect skin, when my face is so ugly. I envy all the people with clear skin. They don’t even realize how lucky they are. It’s especially tough during summer, when you see all the young people having fun. I can’t even find a part time job, due to my condition. When somebody talks about having problems with knee or arm I always say to myself: it’s nothing compared to acne, I would rather have that instead of acne. And also when you go to a doctor and you have almost any other problem expect of acne, it is not visible, but when you go to doctor with acne, everybody knows in the waiting room what your problem is.

Fortunately almost nobody in my high school pointed out my pimples. It’s mostly because I have been using a little skin corrector and I always covered my pimples. But sometimes it’s very visible despite of the corrector. College on the other hand was so far more difficult as we had in the summer term mandatory swimming. And you can imagine how much I hated it. Fortunately it was only one term and won’t be again.

To sum up:

I know I written this very chaotic, but what I meant to say was that everybody who doesn’t have acne should be grateful and thank God that he/she has a clear skin.

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Well, It's really heartwarming when i know there are other people suffering from the same condition i have the same thing happened to me and what kills me is knowing how different my life would be without acne but i dunno if my words will make you feel better to see that i feel 100% as you feel.

I have no friends (Just on the internet who would kill someone just to see me fortunately they think I'm just cool and don't meet ppl over the internet) I'm 23 years old and suffered from acne for 8 years And what irritates me more is that people don't understand that acne doesn't just leave scars on your face but the emotional truama it causes can't be healed by time but actually gets worse when you see anything even related to clear skin.

After trying everything and knowing for sure that doctors only care about getting paid i started to not care and I'm actually now making fun of myself in front of people in order to cover up how broken I'm from the inside, I say to myself why am i the only one who have severe acne out of all the people i know, What makes me actually feel better is knowing the fact that people with flawless or good skin have nothing to do with it god just made them that way and made us that way !!!

It's my first comment so i hope that admins will approve it because i really wanna make you feel that you are not alone and make myself feel I'm not by myself. We are suffering together and will get through this together till god have mercy on us and relieve us from the everlasting misery. And by the way i know that after all the pain we have been through the universe will make it up to us somehow, My only concern right now is to clarify to the people i know how acne effects human lifes and more dangerous on your soul than cancer or any other incurable disease. It literally distroyed my inner soul.

Plz admins let this comment through.

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