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Spironolactone And Hair Loss

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Has anyone else experienced hair loss from spironolactone? Other than accutane spironolactone is the only thing that has cleared me, but in the past when I have taken it I have suffered from severe hair loss. Last time I took it I noticed hair loss about 2 to 3 months in to starting the spiro and it did not stop until I'd been off of it for about 6 months. I have PCOS so I'd really love to be able to take spiro. I can't take metformin either because it also causes hair loss :( The hair loss is severe. Last time I took spiro I lost about half my hair.

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Yes, and you even replied to at least one thread about this before...

I'll reply anyway to hopefully help you or someone out... My hair shed quite a bit on spiro. It slowed down after quitting but didn't stop entirely enough to grow and thicken completely back up (though I have very thick, long hair.) After 1-2 weeks on inositol/choline the shedding reduced dramatically (stopped any abnormal shedding). I took inositol for 6 months but I am off of that too now because of weight gain... not all women get that side effect though, and it's supposedly great for PCOS which I don't have. My hair is still not shedding abnormally and doing great, though! It's been exactly one month off of inositol.

Make sure you have adequate vitamin and mineral intake and that could help. I can't say that you could ever be on spiro and not have shedding so I'm not sure what you are looking for here. My guess is not if you have already experienced it. However, there are a lot of options to help hair growth and to stop shedding off of it.

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