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Damaged Acid Mantle- Super Dry But Oily Skin

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I was wondering if anyone could help me. 3 months ago I put on a cleanser (12% glycolic acid! along with other harsh ingredients in it) for 2 weeks twice a day. It left my skin extremely irritated, tight, dry & inflamed. I didn't know what I'd done so then I used another aha & bha product (worst thing you can do when you have irritated skin, I know this now) and so my skin was really angry at me. Anyway, I think I over-exfoliated or something and now my acid mantle is very badly damaged. 3 months on, my skin is irritated, sensitive, poor texture, dry underneath but super oily (at night) to the point where I'm so greasy my skin is sticky, can't move my face due to it being so tight & I'm suffering bad breakouts on my chin & mouth area. Everything I put on it burns it. However I have found a cleanser with aloe Vera in that seems not to burn it and have started to use jojoba oil as a moisturiser. I think I have very badly wrecked my acid mantle.

I am just wondering if anyone has come across this before? And knows what to do. Does your acid mantle repair itself? How long? 3 months?

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I have been trough that as well great question but I do not have an answer to that.all I know is you gotta keep your skin moisturized and i would try something for sensitive skin like eucerin products or even cetaphil.and aloe vera which is great for irritaded skin maybe you can try coconut oil recommended by a victoria secret model that says that she uses it on hair and skin:) remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate from inside as well.

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I've put apple cider vinegar (which is acid) into a spray bottle and spray it all over my face twice a day and it helps.

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