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Rice Or Wheat..i Have To Pick One..or Take Both?

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Right now i am on no gluten diet and eating plain boiled white rice in lunch and dinner, in small quantity with lots of veggies, lentils and salad. I could switch to brown rice for now, but that's not problem..

The issue is 2 months after checking myself for gluten intolerance and its effect on skin, I will be living in a hostel, so would not be able to control what's being cooked. I would like to add whole wheat grain rotis (Indian whole wheat flat-bread with no added sugar, not the refined wheat) like 1-2 per meal and reduce rice intake to 1/3 or so.....is that ok...since I can't escape both. Or should i just stick to rice twice a day...???

I personally feel rice is more unhealthy especially if one is not intolerant to gluten and that is not the cause of acne.

Please give suggestions.

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I don't know if this will help but I was having the same problem and I gave up both rice and wheat (all grains!) because it doesn't help my acne AT ALL. As soon as i stopped eating grains I stopped having skin issues. Of course I started including 1.Healthy saturated fats 2.probiotics 3.foods with vitamin A,B'S,C,D,E,K2! 4.GOOD proteins. (amino acids are very important)

inflammation and immune health are key to healthy skin. eating inti-inflammatory foods is important, i don't know if wheat/rice is but i noticed that my inflammation went down 100% after taking them OUT.

idk if your vegetarian and thats why you only listed salad and lentils but my body for one needs animal foods to get better. I include grass fed butter and grass fed meats and organ meats to really get all the nutrition my body needs bc its hard to with only rice, salad and lentils.

hope this helps.

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For the lectins in most beans, the glyconutrients are in so many foods I wouldn't even worry about it as long as you eat a diet loaded in vegetables. But for wheat, they aren't so common. Basically, eggs and glucosamine which is mostly obtained from shrimp/pawn shells. Or stocks from animal bones & connective tissue.

And insects. I forgot insects. Many cultures eat insects and dried tiny whole shrimp shells and all usually ground into a powder or made into a paste.

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Thank you for all your advice, i have quit both rice and wheat.... it feels good without them...lets see how it works on my skin.....

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