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The Regimen Isn't Working Anymore? Any Advice :(

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I started the regimen about 10 months ago combined with antibiotics and it worked amazingly well. For about 8 months it stopped the formation of any new pimples and it gave my skin a chance to heal, however in the last couple of months my skin has taken a turn for the worst. My skin has became extremely oily and has started to develop very coarse facial hair all around my jaw, mouth and chin . It is because of this that my acne is slowly starting to return, no matter how well I shave or how carefully, my skin still becomes inflamed and irritated and thus spots start to form. I follow the regimen as strictly as possible and shave exactly how it tells me to, but it does not work anymore. I've even tried electric razors which supposedly cause little to no irritation, but they don't work either.

Because I have tired every treatment there is for acne and have been on several rounds of antibiotics I am now a candidate or Accutane on the NHS. I've had an appointment with a dermatologist and he said he would prescribe me the drug if I wanted the treatment. However I am sacred of the side effects and I'm worried that my skin will still look awful even after treatment :( I've struggled with acne for two years and my skin's complexation has been left dull and reddened by the benzoyl peroxide and due to my paleness there is still red hypopigmentation/hyperpigmentation everywhere, even months after a spot has disappeared! I've used SPF moisturisers to protect my skin from sun damage but nothing seems to work except time when it comes to marks and scars, But because my acne is coming back the 8 months of progress I made on the regimen has been in vain and I'm right back to where I started :(, all because of my skins new founded oiliness and facial hair.

Would I benefit from laser hair removal? This would remove the need to shave and would reduce the inflammation and irritation caused by shaving? I've noticed that even where I don't have spots my pores are very red because of the coarseness and thickness of my facial hair.. but where I have no facial hair my skin is very good and there's no acne? e.g my forehead, cheeks

So anyway, I'm thinking of going on Accutane to reduce my skins oiliness and then afterwards getting my facial hair permanently removed by a laser so I don't have to shave anymore, I mean I'm only 16. Also I feel as if the benzoyl peroxide is damaging my skin in the long run and is ruining my complexion, so it would be nice not to be reliant on it.

What do you guys think? Any feed back would be appreciated, thanks :)

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