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People Always Stare At My Mothers Acne/acne Scars?

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my mum has acne/acne scars and you wouldnt be able to notice it from far away but if you're up close you can. she annoys me in the sense that she thinks you should always be strong and never "break down" or feel nervous about anything. and i feel bad now for all the times i used to complain about my acne, Thank God i dont have any active spots just LOADS of ice pick scars (ANY TIPSS?)I was thinking of going to an SKN clinic in London. but anyways ..

i can tell shes very self concious about it and it breaks my heart SO BAD, im crying as im typing this. shes been to several dermatologist and im telling her to go one last time to get accutane but she has anemia so idk. today we were on the bus, she stood where everybody on the bus will see her, i looked at everybody and they were ALL staring, i was so angry that as my mum moved away bc she saw the stares, i looked at every single one of them the way they did my mum, i really did do this. also i had a meeting at my school and even as they teacher was speaking she was looking at my mum, i think maybe its cause she also has mild acne so its comforting to see OR she feels better bc my mums is worse OR she was just being rude also some of the girls were staring as well so i turned and went "what" in a jokey way and i knew that if id had turned back around they wouldve continued to stare, so i kept doing that so they wouldnt feel the need to watch, so i was constantly on edge. it REALLY upsets me to even think about,

when we got off the bus she said, ugh everybody keeps staring at me today . i know she knows why and the fact that she was so open about saying that says alot, also i noticed stranger staring also. what do i do ?

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She's lucky to have a daughter who cares about her so much, seriously.

Depending on her age, maybe there's a hormonal reason her skin is out of whack. My mother is almost 70s and still gets occasional acne. If I recall correctly, her skin was worse when she went through menopause. Maybe she ought to try Accutane at a lower dose. I've been on it twice and never had any complications. Maybe she has another underlying medical issue that is making acne worse.

Unfortunately, I think major scarring is only fixed through cosmetic surgery. Personally, I am lucky enough not to have the scarring problems.

People are rude, though, and I tend to think they're the ones who need the "fixing", not us.

Sometimes, now that I'm in my 30s, I wonder if people look at adult acne as if it is a symptom of drug use. I swear, since I'm on the thin side, people sometimes mistake raw marks as "meth mites" or self-inflicted skin picking from drug abuse. Seriously, though, what is wrong with people? I've never caught myself staring at strangers with bad skin, perhaps because I know what it feels like. Anyone I have ever seen with terrible scars or psoriasis, I've had nothing but sympathy for.

Perhaps she should just reply with something obnoxious like, "I have acne, it's not contagious, so stop staring at it".

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Get a tca peel. You can order good ones for a cheap price, compared to a dermatologist. Watch youtube videos and read articles on how to apply, follow directions, get eucerin healing cream to apply on skin as/after it heals. This will get rid of the scars. Good luck to you!

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I honestly feel your moms pain & suffering . It's not easy & it's a everyday struggle us acne/acne scar sufferes have to deal with everyday. I have a hypertophic scar on the left side of my neck. It's a bump & around half a inch in radius . I notice when I go out people look at it & it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Standing in line to get food , or waiting in line at the grocery store & you can tell the person waiting behind you is staring at the scar. I'm really good at hiding it sometimes. I'm always on the left side of people so they won't see it. Or wear hoodie sweaters so people can't see it at all even though it's summer time . It's crazy . I'm just expressing daily struggles to let you know that your mom is not alone & I know what she's going through . Your mom is a strong woman & can endure a lot of pain . You are also a great daughter for having a great confern .

My best guess is for your mom to undergo chemical peels of she wants too . They work great from personal experiences , but good luck !

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Try low dose accutane also look into niacinamide serum as a regimen. As for the scars look into celution by cytori. the rejuvenationclinic.co.uk

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Some people are rude others are curious. Either way it's a part of the human condition to stare at physical differences.

I have no no idea the extent of your moms scarring but if she's self conscious about it I would say she visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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