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Advice Please: Burning Sensation/swelling

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I would like some advice, but first a little back story. Up until 3 months ago I've been a Proactiv user for nearly 10 years and it kept my skin looking great. I washed my face twice a day because if I don't my face gets full of blackheads, random pimples and just basically breaks out with mild acne.

Anyway, I decided to try The Regimen because Proactiv hasn't been keeping my skin as clear as it used to be. Today is Day 5 of The Regimen and my skin looks really nice...there is no redness, blackheads are basically gone from my nose and chin, and my pimples have pretty much cleared up.

However, after I apply the BP and wait 15 minutes to apply the moisturizer I feel a slight burning sensation that pretty much lasts all day until I go to sleep and wake up the next morning. It is quite an uncomfortable feeling. Because of this burning sensation I switched Dan's Moisturizer out to CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. Also, I have swelling under my left under eye area that hasn't gone away since Day 2 along with my eyes stinging and feeling sleepy. I am not using that much BP at all either.

My question is...will this burning sensation go away soon and is this normal? Will the under eye swelling go down? I'm scared because I've honestly never used any other acne skincare besides Proactiv...and never had any kind of experience while on Proactiv like this. o__o If this sensation lasts forever I don't think I can do The Regimen anymore because I'm scared my skin might actually get burned.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your advice. (sorry for the long post)

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