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Aha Not Helping With Flakiness!

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Hi, I've been on the regimen for around two months at this point. Generally I longer have every day breakouts, although the areas above my cheeks are still swamped with dark marks and the occasional whitehead. The reason that I 'm posting this topic is to see if anyone has dealt with or has any solutions to the dry skin problem I'm having. I've been using aha every night for around a month by mixing it in to my moisturizer, but I've yet to see any improvements. Every morning I still wake up with an abundance of flakes covering my face, and it takes a lot of work to ensure that they won't be visible throughout the day. Here's how I've been using the regimen so far:

Morning: Shower and apply Acne.org Cleanser. After I leave the shower I've got dry skin residue all over my face so I spread about 10-12 drops of jojoba around and wait for it to dry. After about twenty minutes it's dried, and I apply Dan's Bp treatment. This takes about 30-45 minutes to fully absorb into my skin. I'm not sure why this process is so lengthy, maybe because I generally have more oily skin? Afterwards I use Cetaphyl Moisturizing Lotion, and this takes another 30-45 minutes to absorb. Often I have to spot treat with jojoba oil to get rid of excess flakes.

Night: I use the cleanser and Bp again, and the process is much the same. Then I'll use Dan's moisturizer (I don't use it during the day because it makes my skin look orange) and I'll mix it in with some Aha. I apply this, go to bed, and wake up with flakes again.

Any ideas why Aha doesn't seem to be working? Also, chemical vs physical exfoliation? Often I have to pick off flakes so I'm already physically exfoliating a bit, but not by choice!


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Try using the AHA alone rather than mixing it with the moisturizer. Try it every other night full strength instead of the usual moisturizer.

As far as manual vs chemical exfoliation, chemical is less irritating to the skin and you really want to minimize irritation to acne prone skin as much as possible.

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Hey, thanks for the advice. I tried your method for a couple nights, and my flakes were going away. But then, after a night where I used aha, I woke up with a lot of flakes again. So that night (yesterday), I used aha again, but mixed a little moisturizer in with it, and still woke up with a huge amount of flakes. The aha no longer stings, but it does make my face a little red. Is it safe to use it every night? And maybe I'm not rubbing in my Bp and aha enough and it's just drying and sitting on top of my skin instead?

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