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Vitamins And Etc

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Hello guys,

I needed help of picking a good or best vitamin supplements or brand. I've been thinking about it and decided to consume vitamin tablets that will help my skin looking good. However, I'm kind of new to this and have no idea how to start. Would you guys reccomend me something to start with and how much intake and stuff like that?

Thank you


I also dont have enough food intake since I barely eat.

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you should not eat your vitamins for health, you should eat food and supplement vitamins as a supplement to your overall health. As far as a brand. I cannot suggest anyone of them. Although, i did buy from vitaminshoppe and swansons and had no complaints.

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Keep in mind that your body can't use large amounts of many nutrients at once. Water soluble nutrients such as C and B vitamins don't stay in the body long. You need to consume them throughout the day. And your body can't absorb large amounts of other nutrients at once. And so you need them throughout the day. So one a day pills do little good.

Even though I eat mostly nutrient dense food, I'm not sure I eat enough every day. So I buy a whole food multivitamin that's meant to be taken throughout the day. And then I take a partial dose. For example, I'm currently using Vitacost's Viva, their 'store' brand equivalent to Nature's Way Alive. They have different formulas, but the one I'm taking comes in a dosage of 6 capsules. But I only take 2 or 3. Morning and evening, because my midday meal tends to be my biggest and most complete. At least it is when I'm able to eat at home as I work from home as much as possible.

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