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I'm new! Would love some advice

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Hey! I'm new on this site and would love to hear whether there is anyone out there who had the same problem as me and what they have found useful?

I first got nodular acne on my chin and either side of my mouth at 19 (before that i had clear skin) and i also get a few cysts around my nose/chin. I've tried three types of pill and so far no results (most recent one is Yasmin - been on that for bout 3 months - so still in hope! wink.gif ). I've also tried antibiotics with no real results on my face and now i'm trying a topical one - Erythromycin.

Anyone out there the same?! Also does anyone think a food allergy test would be useful?


ceej x

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Hi ceej,

(i'm new aswell) food is not normally linked to acne and is usually hormonal, the pill is the only thing to clear my acne, i don't have it anymore thanks to dianette pill, although this took more than six months to work, but continous use does work. better than roaccutane for me. smile.gif

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Hey Ceej..firstly WELCOME!! and secondly, its quite frequently the case that acne predominantly are the chin area is something hormonal, although thats not a dead cert. I dont think it'l be food related although you could try cutting out food groups from your diet weekly and seeing if that makes any difference. Like dairy one week, gluten the next etc etc. However if you'e saying you have not responded successfully to the pill it might be something other than hormonal. Have you tried dianette or us version diane 35? This one seems to be most successful in combatting some acne forms.

If not, you might want to look into accutane. I am currently on week 13 and my skins clearing (eventually) I have suffered acne for a good few years and have recently suffered a huge outbreak.. My acne was normally on my chin and a little on my forehead and nose but never really on my cheeks.(until now) and roaccutanes clearing it up. If you're still not happy, talk to your derm, it may be a possibility for you although its entirely your choice ofcourse!!

All the best,

This site is very useful and helpful and caring.

Frankie smile.gif

p.s: Big hello and welcome to Jenise also!! smile.gif

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Thanks Jenise and Fronkalonk! I've already read a lot on this site and i think its great - everyones very supportive!

I haven't tried dianette because i think my doctors have been very reluctant to prescribe it because of some of the side effects - but I think I might ask if i can try it anyway if this current pill doesn't work. i'll keep persevering with this pill for a few more months, because it probably hasn't properly kicked in.

I've been told that its hormonal by most people and I think i was just clutching at straws about the diet thing ... but i might try it anyway smile.gif Its all worth a try! I'll see what happens and what the doctor says next ... !

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