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Dermablend, Mac, Urban Decay? Please Help!

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Hi everyone, I am on the search for something to help hide my scars. I recently got a promotion at work and it's more professional than what I was doing and I really want to hide my scars. Not only for that but also for other reasons. I always have worn cover up but they were still noticeable and I'm tired of being self conscience.

I have no red marks, just scars, some of which are pretty deep. Mostly on my cheeks. I also have oily skin, not as bad as it was when I was younger but still oily.

I've been trying to find a primer/cover up combo that will hide them as much as possible. I've been doing research but keep reading different things and really need help.

I bough the hard candy primer, elf primer and also one from Sally's. None of them did anything. I tried revlon photo ready and it didn't do anything either.

I've been told/read smashbox primer is good also urban decay. Recently was told about demablend but that it's very cakey and not good for oily skin. I also read Mac was good.

I know everyone's scarring is different so I'm hoping someone can help me. I don't mind spending good money on something but would hate to spend a ton of money on something that won't work.

Help/tips? Thanks all!

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i love dermablend and i have oily skin! i use the smooth indulgence concealer all over my face as my foundation and it covers very well. i also really like their intense powder camo foundation too so you could try this one as well. all their products are non-comedegenic, non-acnegenic and fragrance free.

i love mac studio sculpt as well but you need to put powder over top of this unless you dont mind the dewey look. the best bet is to go to say ulta and buy a few different foundations and see which one you like. you can return whatever you dont want. i can only find MAC in macy's stores around here but they also will let you return anything you dont like as well. good luck to you!

i have never found a primer i like though unfortunately.

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yes i do have acne scars i have indented and raised scarring. yes both places let you return used makeup. i freaking love ulta i just go in there and buy whatever i want and try it all and then return whatever i dont like. i dont like the people there applying my makeup it stresses me out too much so i just buy a few different shades of whatever i am interested in and try it out myself.

i do like to use the POREfessional by benefit to blur some of the indented scars but for me i can only use a tiny bit or it starts to look too cakey. a girl that i met on this site and talk to regularly swears by this stuff too.


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I have not gotten a chance to get to macys or ulta...they are about an hour from me. I did get to the drugstore yesterday and picked up rimmels fix and perfect pro that I am going to give a shot. I have a friend that insists it's great for covering scars...we will see, I am not getting my hopes up.

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