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Regimen Effectiveness

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Hi everyone,

Recently my grandma came to see us, she used to be a nurse in a dermatology office. She looked at my face and was shocked at how much Bette it looked. She said that I showed more improvement then anyone she ever saw in a dermatology office. And that is all because of dan creating these products and inventing the regimen. So thank you dan! And also this may influence your decision when considering going to the dermatologist office

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+1 for me too! After literally a decade of dermatologist visits and thousands of dollars in the drain, finally I found something that has helped control my acne and keep it at bay…. for half the cost. Thank you Dan!

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I agree too! I took my sons to the Derm when none of the typical OTC products were working, and nothing he went on to prescribe made their acne any better at all. Differin, Retin A in varying strengths, Tazorac, Clindamycin, etc. - tried most all of them for more than a year. None of them made any real difference and tended to just irritate their skin. It wasn't until they started the regimen that they saw real improvement. Since there is no prescription topical that can claim to cure acne, a Derm just prescribes typical things in the hope that they help. It really seems to be hit or miss. The regimen seems to have much higher success rate.

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