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Restarting The Regimen

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Hello everyone! Im Christina, im 13 and i used to have mild acne. My entire forehead was covered in red, inflamed pimples that hurt and made me super self concious. I began using the Regimen, i was desperate to find something that helped me. The Regimen worked like a charm, in less then a month my skin was clearer than it had ever been. After it had been clear for a while, my skin began to peel like never before. It was terrible, and lasted for more than 3 weeks. I earned the nickname "Lizard Skin" from my friends. I was so fed up with the flakiness, i decided to stop the Regimen. This was about 4 weeks ago. My skin has been pretty clear, a pimple or two here and there. I have been using Bioré face wash. A couple of days ago, i began using a salicylic acid spot treatment. I applied to areas where it was NOT needed. Stupid, i know. I broke out on my forehead, small, under the skin pimples with no heads. There are about 10 of them. Im scared i will get full blown acne again, so im thinking of starting The Regimen again. Please do tell me your opinions. I really need the help. Thank you all so much. Should i start the Regimen once again?

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My advice would be that if you do decide to start the regimen, make sure you stick to it. The flakes and dry skin will go away after a while after your skin gets used to the BP. If you keep stopping and starting back up again, then this cycle of dry skin won't go away. I say just push through the side effects and get it over with. That is basically what I did. And if the flakes and dry skin ever get to bad, just lather on more moisturizer or stick your face in front of the freezer for like 30 seconds. Haha. Good luck!

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