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Horrible Oiliness Not Going Away

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Hey first post here

Little back story. I'm 22, from the UK.. I've had acne since I was about 13. At 16 it was really bad. So bad I barely left the house, couldn't look people in the eye, it really hit my self esteem. I felt so ugly and out of place. Always felt like the odd one out at school because the other kids had perfect skin and I just looked hideous. I'm naturally extremely pale (My family is half Croatian) so I've got the dark hair and really pale skin which seems to harbour a lot of scars.

I took Accutane at age 18 (40mg a day) for 6 months and I felt like a new person, had a lot more confidence, didn't feel I had to worry about looking like I had a horrible disease or something. But yeah, good things never last., So they say.. My acne came back (not as bad as before).. But its red, I have a lot of open pores especially at the side of my nose and on my cheeks, and I have a lot of flat red/dark scars. I can't take this anymore, I feel so embarrassed that after I shower and wash my face (I just use a cleansing face wash) my skin gets oily after about half an hour. It gets gradually oilier throughout the day too. I've tried all kinds of treatments aswell as Accutane - topical creams, antibiotics. I also exercise, drink lots of water and eat right. What the hell can I do (natural remedies?) .. I need to try something new. I just feel so ugly and I want it to go away. When I was about 13 I had great skin then just before my 14th birthday all hell broke loose and I ended up looking like Freddy Krueger for quite a few years.

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Try Traditional Chinese Medicine. Look up Herbologist (or herbalist, or naturopath) in your area. It's the only thing that's helped me.

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