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3Rd Cycle Of Accutane

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So guys this is my 3rd cycle of Acutane, as many of you all know out there it isn't easy, but it's worth it you just got to hang in there.

I just turned 25 now, I had my first cycle when I was in high school (17) that cleared me up for a good year or so then i started breaking out not bad but bad enough go back to see my dermatologist who got me on Bactrim and topicals.

So this continued for a long time I was just praying for the day I would slowly grow out of finally taking pills and stop breaking out. This didn't happen unfortunetly. My older brother had one course when he was 18 and his skin hasnt looked back, my little brother didn't even need a cycle the lucky bastard but im happy for him in the sense I wouldnt want him or anyone have to go throught the emotional side of it because having acne can be frustrating.

So back to my story last year in about January i started breaking out even more then I went back to the dermatogolist and hes like we can continue this or we can go back on acutane. I wanted to do everything i could before i had to go back on acutane but at the rate my skin was going it was time to jump back on. Another 6 month cycle past and I couldnt be happier I was convinced that I was done with acne FOR GOOD!! after only just 2 months this time a few breakouts here and there then a bit more then usual, then it was getting worse so i made the trip back to the derm which was about three months ago.

So my option this time were to try a low dosage 20mg for a year and see how this goes. I don't really have any other option so this is what im doing. It's been a two months and I'm still breaking out but the skin isn't oily and am hoping it will be soon i stop getting them.

I'm going back to europe this year in a months time for a couple of months, I'm kind of shattered that im going to have to worry about my skin and sun exposure etc. Hoping this this will be the last course I'm kind of a self concious guy always jealous of friends and peoples skin.

Anyone whos reading this and is on this medication be strong we will all get through it, I feel better writing on here because people are in the same situation as me. :)

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