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Problems With The Regimen

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I have been doing the Regimen for about 6 weeks on and off. I start off at the beginning of the week with the best intentions- doing the regimen religiously but by the end of the week i go soo flakey and red that i gradually keep reducing my dosage. Large flakes of skin keep falling off and it cannot be covered with makeup hence why i lower my dosage to a small pea sized amount once a day on the weekend so i can look sort of normal. Does this go away and should i just continue regardless and work through the pain? My skin has improved even with my inability to follow the regimen precisely, but it just makes me worried as i feel like i am on the line between wanting completely clear skin and also being conscious that my face feeling so tight and peroxidey cannot be good for it either.

I also have a few more questions..

I am from England but am living in Spain so needless to say my skin isn´t the olive type. I want to get a tanned face because it has always helped my spots in the past and because it covers any blemishes (and it looks good), but my face feels way too sensitive to be in the sun even with high protection. I´m also getting confused as to whether i can substitute my moisturiser for suncream (obviosuly without any bad ingredients) in the mornings?

My next question is..

I go to the gym during the day which falls just inbetwen the time for doing my benzoyl peroxide. I have been wetting my face in the shower but not cleansing it and have been moisturising afterwards. Does this count as a third wash? or is it ok?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi :)

First of all, in order for this regimen to work to the best of its ability you have to use this treatment twice daily.. Missing days in between wouldn't really help as much you'd like it to. Dry skin is one of the biggest side effects this treatment has, however this can easily be treated by using jojoba oil added in your moisturiser. Flaky skin will appear during your first few weeks on the regimen however this will gradually get better as weeks go on. I'm on my 2nd week going on to my 3rd week now and my skin has improved a lot as I have been following Dan's steps religiously. My skin was soooo flaky on my first week and when I would come back from work my skin would be peelin off lol but what makes this worse is it becomes really hard to apply make up so I understand where your coming from. I use bare mineral sp20 and this works like magic- Easy to apply and is also recommended by Derms :) Just be strong and ignore the dry and the hard skin as this well all get better gradually.. your skin will defo get used to it by the next week or so.. depending on how bad your acne is. Good luckkk

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