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Journey Towards Clearer Skin

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Current state of my skin:

Pores/Blackheads on nose and chin > yearssssss old, but manageable

10 -15 Micro clogged pores ( oil clogs under the skin, visible under bright lights) on forehead, jawline and cheek per side

> 1 week - few months old

Slowly lightening pimple scars on cheeks and chin > 1-3 weeks old

1 slightly inflamed, doesn't hurt pimple (w/o head yet) beside nose area > 2 days old

1 slightly inflamed clogged pore > 2 days old

Mainly my issue is with micro clogged pores!

I've been using Paula's Choice skincare products religiously a year back. I had clearer skin, much less micro clogged pores. However, i decided to turn to Natural skincare and makeup, and decided to stop using PC's products. I guess my skin had gotten used to the exfoliation from BHAs and AHAs. Hence, i started to see alot of clogged pores appearing on my face!

So, 2 weeks back, i decided to start using PC's products once again!!

Here's my Updated SKinCare Routine:


OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel ( Natural pdt, makeup remover, really gd cleanser)

The Organic Pharmacy Peppermint facial cleanser ( to double cleanse )

The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner

PC CLEAR Anti-redness exfoliating solution 2% BHA Regular ( applied all over face, with cotton pad)

DermClear BP5%+Clinda1% pimple gel

PC Skin balancing ultra-sheer daily defense broad spectrum SPF30


OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

The Organic Pharmacy Peppermint facial cleanser

The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner

PC CLEAR Anti-redness exfoliating solution 2% BHA Regular ( applied all over face, with cotton pad), Alternate with

PC Weekly retexturizing foaming treatment 4% BHA ( apply directly all over face)

DermClear BP5%+Clinda1% pimple gel

PC Skin balancing moisture gel


I've been using these PC pdts above for 2 weeks now. Initially, i did experience a bout of purging. My micro clogged pores surfaced into little whiteheads. Some were tiny, some got inflamed. Those tiny ones took 1-2 days to be rubbed off. Those inflamed ones, unfortunately, i picked at them and they scarred...so now i've brown spots that look like big freckles on my cheeks and chin ("I SHALL NOT PICK AT MY PIMPLES ANYMOREEE"...mental note)

These few days, however, my skin started to develop some micro clogged pores again. My cheeks got bumpy again. I didn't have any active breakouts, except for 2 pimples which were inflamed clogs.

My new addition today: DermClear BP5%+Clinda1% pimple gel

I've had this for months, but haven't really used it. So, i thought i should try to incorporate BP into my skincare routine! I've a good feeling about this. Bcos i've read that BHA brings clogs to surface, while BP can zap the bacteria so the surfaced clogged pore doesnt get inflammed. MMMmmm~ sounds v logical to me.

So, i'll be giving this routine a try. And see how it works!

Will check in again, in a few days time (:

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