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Accutane. 27 Year Old Male. Mild Acne. Worth The Risk?

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Looking for some advice on accutane. I am a 27 year old male. Have mild acne 1-2 pimples a week at most, nothing cystic at all. However, it comes and it goes and all the other treatments do treat it and it gets better. However, it comes back. BP seems to work the best. I have tried everything though, you name it. I have had it for 10 years. But again it's mild. Sometimes I don't get a zit for a few weeks, I know it could be worse believe me, but it does really bother me like everyone else. I went to a DERM and she surprisingly gave me 20mg of accutane to start, and she was hesitant at first but did it. I am really concerned about trying it after doing all the research. I am active, and exercise a lot. Don't want the sore the joints. I also am very concerned about the initial breakout (IB). I mean my acne is not that bad right now. Is there a possibility it wont get worse, and I won't get an IB? I have read so much and just want some advice. My acne is not that bad, and paying 1000$+ to make it worse at first seems like a big risk along with all the other side effects. I can't make up my mind. I bought the clavaris yesterday for 220$ again 20mg a day for the first month. Low dose to start, I only weigh 160LBs. I may return it, and hold off as I have some important events coming up this summer. What is shaving like with it? And does no one use any other treatment while on- benzoyl peroxide, AHA for pigmentation etc... Thanks to all! Hope you conquer ACNE. I know it sucks and it affects everyone differently but somewhat the same. Cheers!

Again i was given a prescription for 20mg Claravis a day to start... Not sure if it's really worth a try as I only get 1-2 pimples max a week. Just want Acne to go away for good. I am sick of dealing with it and having to treat it with BP.

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To be honest - it doesn't sound like you really want to take it, and I can see why. With mild acne, I think the IB concern is a fair one - why make it worse and risk scarring if you feel like it's not that bad to begin with? Have you tried any other prescription medications, like antibiotics or other topicals?

Unfortunately, even with accutane, acne may not go away for good. In fact, most people (even people who report having "clear" skin) have a breakout every once in a while. If all you have tried is BP, I would give some other topicals a try first - maybe a BP/antibiotic topical or a mild retinoid would help.

In terms of other treatments, you CANNOT do other treatments while on accutane. Your skin will be very sensitive and your skin will not appreciate anything on it other than good moisturizers and sunscreen.

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Thanks man. I mean yeah like 1-2 pimples a week max. There are times when my skin is clear. Shaving does not help, and now I am doing it daily which does help i think. Again, nothing cystic. I have not been on differin or monycycline or doxyclcycline in a long time. Tried doxy when young but didnt give them enough time probably. Thinking of hitting the regimen hard, and maybe doing an tretinoin nightly or oral antibiotic. not sure if the pills will help though. Read a lot of contradicting stuff about them.

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If your acne is inflammatory (i.e. - pimples that turn red and come to a head) then antibiotics would probably help.

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Doxy is probably better or worth a shot over Monycycline. Tretinoin advice? maybe Zania or epiduo ? Any retinol at night would likely work

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