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Bacteria Or Staph Resistant To Everything

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After a near 20 years battle against acne, my skin is almost clear. That being said, whenever I get a pimple, it quickly becomes a huge red bump with tons of puss.

Seems my skin is unable to fight the infection and that the bacteria or staph on my skin has become resistant to all treatment.

I'm talking benzoyl peroxide, duac, erythromycin, tee tree oil, alcohol... Nothing works on these anymore. Even polysporin doesn't seem to trick them. After 2 rounds of accutane in my youth, tetracyclin, and etc.. It seems my skin flora is really messed up.

Only good news is that after 20 years I finally found a derm who took a sample! She wants to check exactly which bacteria or staph we are fighting against! Why didn't anyone do that before is a mystery to me! Results of that culture will come out in 10 days. In the meantime, I have to walk around which 2 huge papules-pustules-carbuncle trype of zits on my face. One actually opened up this morning, leaving an empty crater where the puss ball was. Very strange.

I am not sure how to make those better at all. Anyone with the same experience?

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the second one keeps growing and it hurts. I can see a little bit of white which might be puss. But it's very small. Don't know what I could put to help it come to a head that can be drained.

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I popped them. That's it.

I know it's no good but the pain has now gone and I'm not walking around with huge palls of puss on my face.

Don't know how long it will take for the swelling to go down. Why do we get such things right on our face?

I do not get them anywhere else!

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