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Feedback And Support Greatly Needed For A 30 Day No Picking Challenge!

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I always read posts on here that are sometimes a bit dated, and I wonder how the person ever made out. So for anyone who happens to peak at my previous posts, I can say with confidence that ive made amazing strides since then. The OCD like face washing has ended. I don't miss work or outings because of my face, ever. I live an absolutely normal life and don't let my acne stop me from doing anything.

But unfortunately, I do still have a picking problem. I wake up every morning, pop/squeeze any new pimples that may have popped up overnight, and scratch the scabs off any old ones

I'm not currently using any acne products because they eat my face alive. I use dial sensitive soap to wash in the morning before applying my makeup.

I'm going on a trip at the end of the month with my boyfriend, and my goal is to have a better looking face by then.

Ive GOT to quit picking and will document daily. Please, please any feedback is so greatly appreciated.

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Good luck!

I have a picking problem too. When I see new pimples on a morning I just cant resist picking and poking at them ughhhhh.

Keep us updated with your progress.

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Well, I made it through Day 1 of NO PICKING! It was so hard because my face and back are so scabby and there were several whiteheads I wanted to get rid of so much, but I didn't! I'm also trying some clean eating from a website called "heal your face with food." Here's to many more days like today.

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