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Working Out = Break Out

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I always had some folliculitis, and 2 or 3 pimples going on my back/upper arms, but these past 2 weeks, I have started working out 4 times a week, and I have been getting more pimples, and more folliculitis, nothing serious like people on this page, but still I went from having 3 pimples, to probably 6 o 7 now

I admit that there were times, that I didn't take a shower right after working out, and I would spend hours on the computer lol

So, maybe that could be one of the causes, but I also know is hormonal, maybe the lifting weights, is causing my testosterone to increase, thus causing break outs, it really sucks, I'm not using anything, except for head and shoulder

maybe, I should start using BP

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I get really small bumps in my scalp if I sweat a lot during my workouts . Also, I get them in my eyebrows because my sweat drops down there and I get small little whiteheads . So I make sure I take a towel w/ me. I also take a shower as soon as I'm done . And I mean ASAP !

And body acne is neutral . I say that because I don't break out as much anymore more in my back, chest, or shoulders like I use too , but sweating does cause acne in my body to a certain degree .

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