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Confidence Issues With Girls

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Hello everyone I am 18 and over summer my acne has gotten a lot better but my confidence still remains dangerously low. In high school I didn't have a lot of friends I was just the kid you kind of saw everyday. I had braces, acne and glasses. So I never really got girls up until the last couple months when I got my first girlfriend and first kiss

Now I want to meet someone but when I want to approach a girl or something I always back out because I look at my face and it destroys my confidence. Girls have called me cute but I don't see it. I just think that they are kidding or my friends are just trolling. No girl has commented on my acne so maybe I just use it as an excuse not to do it

So I would like to hear how people coped with this issue.

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You probably have good features like nice eyes, attractive bone structure, and a juvenile hairline. I don't only have oily skin but I have thinning temple hair, seb derm/rosacea and an overly intimidating deformed looking bone structure and a bulbous downturned nose (like the Situation on Jersey Shore) I also have multiple moles on my face and can count the number of times ive been called cute on one hand.

Despite all this a girl is willing to go out with me (Im suspicious if shes really attracted but I cant say I dont regret asking her out)

Looks matter but you have to fake it til you make it. I am 21 and regret not meeting more people at age 18. In fact, Ive never had a gf and Im only going on my second date of my life this week.

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You know what the best thing is you can do? Stop caring. I have realized that the female part of the human race is never going to care about me. They are superficial, shallow and poorly educated. I am none of those things. I am 28, I have never had a girlfriend and most girls aren't willing to talk to me. The effort and time I put in to make contact with the female part is completely wasted, because they generally don't want contact with me. My social skills are fine, I am not autistic, etc. I only have an aberrant personality due to my dark social past that people (and thus also girls) created for me. It is all real for me, whether you like what I am saying or not. I do not care and will not lie awake this night if you don't like what I am saying. After all, you allowed my situation to exist in the first place.

I am putting my time and effort in something that clearly progresses as long as I keep on putting effort in it, like making the world a better place through (volunteer) work. I am just going to pretend that girls don't exist until they give me the sign that they at least are willing to talk to me.

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My advice would be to just spend time with girls and not worry about whether they're attracted to you. Be fun, be nice, and be genuine. Practice giving compliments just for the sake of being nice. Once you get to used to that, it will be way easier to connect with someone when the opportunity arises.

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"Dont worry bro just be confident. Girls dont care about facial aesthetics, height or hairline. Just dress sharp and have a good sense of humor" (LOL)

In all seriousness, take it from me. The best revenge for people bullying you for your looks is to disregard girls, get low dose accutane, get rich and get plastic surgery.

I've spent a few months on here and man I just wish my dad told me the bolded text above so i wouldnt waste any time and be depressed.

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