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Acne And Birth Control

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I have been on ortho tri cyclen for about 2 years, and I was previously on Lutera. I am suffering from cystic acne all around my mouth, and plan on going back on Spiro which I quit about 6 months ago because my hair was falling out. These break outs are awful. Once I get one pimple, a whole pattern seems to start around my mouth…. I have been paying a lot of attention to when my acne starts and when it seems to diminish, and I've noticed something that I find odd: I have acne all month EXCEPT when I take the final week of pills (the week I get my period). My acne starts to heal and I'm free of break outs. Once I start a new pack, the second and third week are HORRIBLE. Is this normal? Does anyone else have experience this? I have always thought that most females break out on their period?

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I'm just like that too. The week leading up to my period and the actual week of my period is super clear, but then right after the period/the last day, I can feel my skin starting to break out and then the first week of the pack is the worst out of the whole month. I think each individual (female) has slightly different hormonal cycles...and maybe the skin just reacts slowly? Like, whatever hormone is responsible for causing acne during the period week, some people's skin just have a delayed reaction to it? I'm just postulating :P But I'm clear because of the pill so regardless of the slightly abnormal breakout cycle, it must be doing something right.

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