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lifelong confusion

Yaz Brand Vs Generic

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So it looks like I'm getting generic Yaz this time, either loryna or gianvi... And after reading the reviews on both, i'm pretty terrified. I don't understand why so many people complain about horrible experience when switching from brand to generic when it's the same pill. Is it all in their head? I feel pretty scared of switching now especially since I'm already going though the worst acne I've ever had and i really don't want to make the situation even worse. Though it doesn't make sense there would be any difference, the amount of people saying it dramatically worsened their depression and acne makes me consider that a possibility at the very least. What are your thoughts?

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I recently switched from generic Diane to brand name, but it's too soon to see if anything has changed. I asked my pharmacist for his opinion and he said that he thinks brand names are better, whether it's a dug or shampoo LOL. But that was his personal opinion and it does vary from person to person :/.

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Things like brand shampoo, soap, food, clothes are better of course, but medications aren't the same. Generic drugs are required to contain the exact same ingredients, and I don't think you theoretically should be seeing any difference unless you're sensitive to some inactive ingredients in the pill. Thats why it baffled me so much when I saw all those people complaining about how much of a huge difference it made when they switched to a generic BCP.

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No I know, and my pharmacist said that the standard answer is that they should be the same, but he thinks there is a difference. And considering how many reviews I've read of generic vs brand name, I think it's safe to say that it's possible there is a difference.

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