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Low Carb Diet: Some Signs Of Success For Me

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Hi all, first post but I'm a long time reader of the forum. I've recently had some success with a low carb diet, specifically the ketogenic diet. At the time of writing, I've been in dietary ketosis for about 7 days. The most carbohydrate I've had in a day would be 50 grams, and in the initial days it would of been even lower. If you aren't familiar with dietary ketosis, please do a quick search so you can get some context on the following.

Currently, my face is in the best condition it has ever been in over 2 years. I only have 1 active inflammed pimple which is healing quick, and 2 barely visible whiteheads. Besides a daily face wash, and the occasional moisturizer, I don't use any topicals like BPA. I began to notice the lack of new acne by day 4-5; I was expecting it to take effect around then since acne is very slow growing, so whatever treatment plan or diet you take should be held onto for at least 1 week.

What I eat now: lots of fats, particularly saturated ones (animals fats, butter, cheese); moderate amounts of meat; lots of vegetables; almonds and macadamias; I try avoid omega-6's; I don't take any supplements besides Magnesium (helps with some side effects of ketosis). My weight has lowered by around 2 pounds but that wasn't the goal (I actually need more weight for my sport).

What's next? I'm gonna continue ketosis for another week at most, to see if it's really the no carbs that is having the most effect. Then I'm gonna try introduce some 'bad fats' like omega-6's in peanuts to see if I react. Eventually I want to get back on a diet including carbohydrates, because ketogenic diets are no fun.

I'll keep posting.

About me and my acne history: I mostly get moderate but persistent acne of all kinds, which started after puberty; at any given time I'd have at least 4-6 large inflamed acne spots, and several small ones; I'm in my early twenties now; I've tried topicals (no effect) and antibiotics (not lasting unless I stay on them). I've tried several diets and different supplement regimes, mostly informed by the medical and nutrition literature (I go to a uni so I have access to journals) which isn't very substantial since it doesn't provide any hard facts to date. I sometime browse the dermatology literature since that is where the research on acne is focused, but it is much more technical. To date, I've found no new research making definite claims on acne and diet. The only promising links between diet and acne seems to be centered around milk, glycmic load. and omega 3. Best summed up here http://adc.mef.hr/index.php/adc/article/view/974/609

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Can't say i'd every do this. I could list a half a page of information relating to low carb, fat replacement diets regardless of omega ratio- but its relevant as people will do anything.

Your body will not thank you in years to come.

good luck.

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I'd also like to mention that there's a difference between dietary ketosis and a low-carb diet. The title of the thread may imply otherwise. Let it be clear, I'm not prescribing a diet for anyone. No one should take strict dietary advice from anyone unless they are a doctor. My posts are just meant to share whatever correlations I find between my diet and the severity of my acne.

Yesterday went back onto a normal diet including carbs. My main restrictions would be 'fast' carbs/sugar and omega 6's.

I won't miss the restricted menu of a ketogenic diet, but I'll miss the lack of food and sugar cravings which were, for me, the only redeeming outcomes (besides the lack of acne) of being in ketosis.

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Have a look into Low-FODMAP instead.

But learn and understand the acronym rather than trusting the charts that people put up of allowed/disallowed foods. Most of them are wrong.

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