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Best Sunscreen And Moisturizer For Mild/moderate Acne?

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I have a very hard time trying to find a sunscreen and moisturizer for my skin. And I need one badly! I have dry skin type and on top of that I use BP at night. The moisturizers I used seemed to give me little bumps and acne :(

I have tried

- Proactive's Green Tea moisturizer

- Clean and clear dual action moisturizer

- Neutrogena's sensitive skin moisturizer (really wanted that one to work)

- Cetephile cream moisturizer

- Simple skincare's face mousturizer

As far as sunscreen...I am not using one at all right now (I know that's horrible!) but I am afraid of a major break out. I hardly get any sun time but I realize the importance of using a sunscreen even indoors. I am ready to try!

These are some of the moisturizers and sunscreens I would like to try -


If you have tried any of these products or have any suggestions I would be so grateful! Please don't be afraid to comment!!

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Try the Cetaphil moisturizer (NOT the regular one) the one for sensitive skin that also has spf 15. The regular one made my skin greasy and break out. The one for sensitive skin is light and non-comedogenic and hasn't caused any breakouts . Works great for me but of course everyone's skin is different.

If you want to see how different moisturizers and sunscreens are rated take a look at www.paulaschoice.com. I find it a good resource when I am looking for a new product. They rate all brand of beauty products and their ratings seem to be very fair.

Good luck.

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Oh, I hadn't seen the Cetephile Facial moisturizer. Thanks a bunch! And thanks for the link to Paula'schoice. There is some great stuff on there!

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I use "Lavera pore refining moisturising fluid". It works wonders for me; Organic, no perfume or parabenes. It's the only moisturizer I've tried that haven't broken me out. :)

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