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Teen Acne Problems

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I have these small bumps all over my face I'm 14 and I'm a girl I have an irregular period and I've used every product I'm currently using yes to tomatoes gel cleanser with saylic acid in it and it worked a little at first but now it has gotten worse I don't know if it is my period trying to come down that is making it worse but I've been have these stubborn little baby tiny bumps all over my face I have oily skin too and is very prone to acne I don't know what to do my my extracts them with a extracting tool like the dermatologist but they come right back I'm tired of this!!!! And it is starting to get hotter and I sweat a lot on my face and underarms which is going to make my acne worse!!!!!

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First sorry this is so, long, just want to help you out a bit, becuase I completely get this.

I'm 16, my periods are somewhat regular now.

I get end of the month hormonal acne with my period, and it sucks. However, I created a routine for myself that really works out a bit.

I've never had acne on my cheeks, but when I got my period, it started to migrate. I tried EVERYTHING, and eventually found something that worked.


Slather on that peroxide, because it heals up those suckers FAST.


Egg whites are flippin miracle. They makes my skin so soft, reduce pimple size, redness and prevents acne from making a comeback. My sister used these too, when she had acne, and they worked wonders for her as well.

Every other day:

Noxema Daily Scrub. I would recomend using in the shower, becuase it's kinda hard to get all the crystals off my skin. This is also harsh, so use it sparingly.

General acne rules:

Don't be mean to your face. Use a gentle, soft cloth when washing and don't ever scrub.

Go ahead and pop those pimples because, despite what people say, it really does make acne breakouts heal faster. Limit the picking and plucking to existing pimples, and they'll be gone in a week.

Don't subconsiencely pick pimples while doing somethig (I do somethimes) becuase it just makes them worse.

Don't cut your ahir in a way to hide it, it'll only make acne worse. Display them pimples!

With this, my hormonal acne stays at the end of the month where it should, only takes a week or so to heal up and my face stays totally clear the rest of the month.

You said you have an oily face, so don't mosterize, or use anthing that has softening qualties, because it will likley cause oil to clog your pores.

Sweating actually isn't too bad for your face. It cleans your pores out nicely. If you are determined not to sweat on your face, there are cleasers out in the world that reduce sebum production.

Acne is awful. There is no denying it. At fourteen, you (me too) are not going to goodbye to your acne antime soon. You can control it, but you still will have pimples every here and again. Until your peiod sorts itself out in a year or two, you will still have some degree of hormonal acne.

If you're having a bad face day, wear something nice, do something different with your hair, and do something fun. If you feel the urge to pivk, but there really is nothing to be picked at, shred up paper. It really helps. Keep up a routine, stick to it religously, becuas it feels good to do something about it.

Don't EVER let the acne beat you. Have fun, go out and do something. It doesn't ever help to feel bad about your skin. If someone says something about you, then they aren't worth your time. Remember, even though it feels like a long time away, acne will stop. Be positive about your life, and never judge yourself becuse of how you look.

My normal acne broke up at 15, so just move forward, and don;t think twice about what anyone thinks of, becuase it only matters what you think.

You are a beutiful person, even if you don't feel like it, don't ever, ever, EVER forget that.

Good luck with your stuff, and if nothing this tuff doesn't work, try and get an accutane perscrption, it really helped my brother.

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