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Side Effects With Spiro And Acv?

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I"ve been on Spiro now for a little over a year. I was put on 25mg last Feb when i had a terrible cysitc outbreak that seemed to come out of nowhere. I've always gotten one or two on occasion since my early 20's, but nothing like this. The Spiro seemed to take effect immediately and i've been on it since without much thought. This year around the same time (almost exactly!), i started breaking out terribly again! My derm upped my dose to 50mg about a month ago, but i did not see the effects as quickly. As a matter of fact, i'm not sure i'm even in the clear yet... (no pun intended :P).

About 5 days ago i heard about ACV and how helpful it is to be injested and started drinking diluted ACV right away. I'd heard about it before as a topical and it burned my skin. I probably wasn't diluting it enough at the time. I can't believe i'm only just now finding out about drinking it! I drink 2 glasses of diluted ACV a day - 2tbs to 8oz of water. I know it's been a short time, but honestly, only now is my skin beginning to clear. No way to know if it's the Spiro finally kicking in or the ACV :/

My question is this: has anyone had any negative reactions to taking both ACV and Spiro? I know you have to be concrned with potasium levels on Spiro. The only thing i've noticed is my tummy feels quite grumbly and churny at times. And last night i felt like i had a little acid reflux happening (evn though ACV is touted to help with acid reflux).

Any other experiences with these to things together or maybe just the ACV would be appreciated. I'd really like to eventually ween of the Spiro.

Thnak you!!

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