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Acne Almost Cured Naturally

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I just wanted to share my experience with everyone on here as i hope it will help others. Being a sufferer of acne from the age of 11 years old to 30 i have tried almost everything to cure my acne and i have now finally got it under control and now only have one or two spots compared to what i have had which was acne covering my face, chest and back. It's taking a year but its worked for me. I know how acne affects your confidence and it has felt like its taken over my life for such a long long time. So below is how ive almost cured my acne.

1) I wash my face with Dove soap morning and night (i never sleep with my makeup on)

2) Cut tea and coffee out my diet and drink water and freshly made fruit smoothes. If i have a craving for tea i have decaffeinated.

3) Stopped eating ready made processed food, i eat fresh veg, salad and meat now. Cooking all meals myself including desserts.

4) Cut down on dairy (ive been informed that milk has hormones in it that could affect your own hormone levels).

5) I use a cotton pad and cut a fresh lemon and dab the pad onto the lemon to soak up the juice and then add a little water and then dab this onto my acne every night before i go to sleep. Dont use it near as it will sting. I use one pad for a small area each time. Using it over a large area can create more acne by spreading bacteria so use a number of pads for small areas each time. It dries out spots and stops new ones developing. This is my miracle.

6) A year ago i discovered a foundation that really has made a huge difference to my confidence and truly does keep me acne free The foundation is Estée Lauder Double Wear (liquid) SPF 10 Stay in place makeup. This foundation is Matt, medium coverage, if applied using freshly cleaned hands its easy to apply. This foundation is amazing! it keep my skin oil free from 9-6pm every day and it seriously has improved my acne without a doubt.

I apply Rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder over the top which helps too. I have tried every foundation available and have spent hundreds over the years. Ive even tried professional foundations and non beat this. I really do recommend this to everyone with acne. I will be using it forever now.

7) I no longer moisturise my skin at all. For the last year ive not had any new acne created from moisturising my face.

All of this may seem a lot to do and try but if your like me and dont want acne anymore you will try it and hopefully see it is all worth it. I really do hope it helps you too like its helped and cured me. All these products on the market and tablets dont work and I'm fed up of seeing things on the net promoting cures costing money when they dont work and are just money making schemes.

I wish you all the best and i really hope this does help people like its helped me. X

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Gotta agree to what you said. A few weeks ago i cut out dairy and it has made a hugeee difference already. I wouldn't ditch my moisturizer though as i get dry skin, but it's waterbased and all natural (Lavera). Same about the vegetables and fruit as you say. And lemon and tea tree oil is holy grails to me. Besides that i think it's helped ever since i started taking vitamin and mineral tablets too. So if some of you haven't tried what she said, you really should. :)

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Excellent post! I think there is a lot to be said for the natural approach. People far too often smother their faces with the latest products and are quick to chop and change.

Well done for sticking with this. Hopefully others can follow and also become free!

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