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Has Anyone Gone To The Doctor For Oily Skin?

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Hey guys, I've been having oily skin for a while and I've tried many things such as moisturizing more, oil cleansing (broke me out but was kinda working), cleansing less harshly but those all only helped a little bit.

I was wondering if i go to the doctor if he/she can actually do anything for oily skin besides accutane. also i am a male.

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Do you have acne too?

Try supplementing with vitamin B5 and D3.

There really isnt much you can do for oily skin other than Accutane being a male. I do think 400UI of D3 has helped mine though.

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Its hard for guys! I would recommend trying a salicylic acid based treatment or wash. Ive been using the neutrogena salicylic acid mask and it works wonders for my skin! But I am also currently on Spironolactone which helps. Unfortunately its not for guys! Good luck!

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My acne is pretty much under control, just a few pimples here and there but still ahve scarring. Still prone to breakouts. Ive tried supplementing with vitamin D3 but only 2000IU per day but i felt as if it made me oilier. So is there no point going to the doctor? :(

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They all said accutane was the only thing that could help.

Except for one who said not moisturizing enough led to oily skin (compensation concept), but that's regularly refuted on this board and all the other derms I saw implied that the compensation thing wasn't true. Plus, I have personally tried moisturizing more and it has never done anything for me.

Personally, I'm wary of taking accutane because of certain other medications I'm on.

Notes on other products mentioned:

I've tried D3 for months and it didn't do anything for me, but go ahead and try it.

I've heard B5 does work, but I've not tried it because I've heard it can cause severe hair loss.

Salicylic washes are very good anti-acne products in my experience, but they didn't do anything for my oily skin.

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My oily skin came back after I was off accutane for about 2 years. Try taking vitamin C and cleaning up your diet. It helps me and I used to be so oily it was disgusting.

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The doctor only give advice, they say that oily skin is a good thing because it keeps the skin moist and prevent wrinkles. actually there's nothing you can really do especially when your a male. but my advice is to wash your face with any good face soap daily especially before going out and always keep a clean face rag in your pocket to wipe your face, from experience my oily skin only occur in the after noon not in the morning.

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