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Questions About The Regimen

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1. Can this regimen help clear my acne scars? I have some on my cheek.

2. About getting breakouts from the regimen, how bad will the break outs be?? I have mild acne but it's not too severe.

3. If I use the treatment once a day (at night), would i have to put the cleanser/ moisturizer in the morning but not the treatment?

THank you in advanced. I am also 16 so my acne seems to be getting a lot worse because of my hormones.

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This is my personal outcome from what i figured out from the regimen( i also do this) FIRST the scars, i think the bp helps with them. SECOND the breakouts, i suppose that if and when you breakout, this will be in terms of purging, so it must be the same kind. THIRD. I also use the bp at night. In the morning i use the cleanser as it is foamy, but another moisturizer, i dont like the regimen moisturizer much. So far no problem. I guess you can try this pattern.

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I have absolutely no irritation from bp, but my skin is strengthened. I hear about others posting dryness, flakiness and all these stuff. I guess it depends on your skin tolerance. Is it fair, does it get irritated from other creams? If yes, then probably you may pass from this stage. In my opinion start with a tiny dose at night and you raise it according to your skin reaction. Let me know...!

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