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Mixing Benzoyl Peroxide And Clindamycin Together - Homemade Duac/benzaclin?

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So I've been mixing together a benzoyl peroxide gel (benzac AC 5) and a clindamycin gel (clindagel) together in hopes of achieving the same results as I did when I used duac.

I used duac for 2 years as prescribed by my dermatologist, morning and night. It worked wonderfully. But then I moved abroad and didn't take any with me. It's a huge hassle to get it here, so I visited a pharmacy and bought the benzac and clindagel myself.

My routine is as follows


Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Face Wash

benzac/clindagel mixture


Witchhazel to get the oils on my skin off


Loreal Go 360 Clean

benzac/clindagel mixture

After exercise:

Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes

Day 4:

Acne hasn't improved much, just some redness has gone down. I've also developed two small nodules. These nodules are frequently coming and going, and this time they are much smaller than before, so hopefully this is their final round. I have a few pimples on my forehead, chin, and upper lip, but they are very small and dried out. I've still got many many white heads on my chin and a lot of scarring I hope to see clear up. My face is really dry. Went out in the sun yesterday about 2 hours after my morning application and the burning/itching was almost unbearable. Started peeling last night, mostly around my mouth. This is where it all happened when I was using duac. It got so bad that people would actually ask me if I was okay.

So far my progress seems to be on course with how it was when I first began my duac treatment.

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Day 5:

My peeling is almost completely gone, which is strange. I only peeled for about two days and I really don't believe my skin is already used to the benzoyl peroxide. Around my mouth, where the peeling was, is still really rough feeling. I also had no burning today. However, I do have more acne. I have 4 more pustules and 1 more nodule. My previous 2 nodules have decreased in size a bit, but the new one is really large and hurts. I also have a lot more whiteheads. I'm trying my absolute hardest not to just go and pop everything but the temptation is so strong!

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Day 6:

Had 2 more pustules and 2 more nodules today. Every new bit of acne I get is smaller than the previous day, so I'm optimistic. My face no longer feels tight after applying the benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin mix. I'm still a little dry, but no flaking.

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Day 10:

Okay, so I'm still peeling a tiny bit around my mouth, but it's hardly noticeable. BUT, I do have some very good news, and that is that today was the first morning in I don't know how long, that I woke up without a single new pimple! None! It's been months since that happened! My older pimples are quickly drying up, so hopefully my skin continues this progress :D

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Day 35: Really not seeing any marked improvement in my skin. It was completely clear for a couple of days last week, but now my face has had a serious breakout all of a sudden. It's ridiculous. I'm all out of my Benzac AC 5, so I will now use a tube of Acnefree Terminator 5% that I've had for a while. I'm going to change my routine a bit. Rather than mixing the clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide on my hand, I will apply the clindamycin first and wait for that to dry, then apply the benzoyl peroxide. Hopefully this yields better results.

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