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Some people, they have clear skin during their teenage years but when they turn 20 or so, they start to have acne,

Me, I don't have severe acne nor is it covering my whole face, my T zone, completely clean, while my lower part of my face,

cheek and the arena between nose & mouse will always have something there. no matter what I use or what I try, they're just there.

old ones goes new ones comes. leaving marks. I don't believe there is anything that will help it anymore. They are hormonal.

I'm 18 this year, my face is a lot better than how it used to be, my pimples are actually countable. (under 10 on my face at the moment). I do have quite a lot of pigmentation, but they will be gone in time.

but what I'm really asking here is... has anyone's acne just went away? since if the people whom have clear skin during teen years and acne on the 20s, does that mean 'some' who have acne during teens will have clear-er skin during their 20s or so years?

Its probably genetic related too, but has this happened to anyone before?

and PLEASE, don't recommend me anymore products, I've tried everything, and NOTHING ever works. I've wasted a lot of money on things that does NOTHING for me.

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I've read countless articles about when acne tends to "go away" and none of them really have a super clear answer. I think it really comes down to so many factors. Genetics, age, hormones, environment, skin type, ect ect.

The general consensus of the articles I've read were most teens grow out of it by early to mid 20's.. guys having a slightly better chance of growing out of it, but also a slightly higher chance of having it more severe when they do have it. Then there's the people who get it in their 20's (usually women) tend to have a trickier time dealing with it, but also have the option of birth control to regulate hormones (which guys don't).

I personally haven't seen many older people with very much acne at all... the odds are greatly in your favor for it going away. I think the key is trying to accept it while you do have it, then it's really just a bonus when it does end up getting better! (:

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