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My Face Has Gone Dry And Burns.

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Hey, I have been using the 'Regimen' for a few days now, I have shower in the morning and at night to wash it off.

But for the past few days the creams have made my face hurt so much, like really really burn, does anyone else get this?

I put the cream on earlier and it hurt so badly that I jumped back in the shower to wash it off.

I woke up this morning and yawned and it felt like my skin was being stretched because of how dry my skin is due to this cream, it still hurts now even after washing it off, my whole face is super dry and red...

What can I do this get rid of the dryness as it hurts to much.

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First off I would recommend using a little bit less of the BP until your skin adjusts, the first couple weeks of the regimen can be pretty tough. What moisturizer are you using now? The one included in the regimen? I know for a lot of people including jojoba oil in the moisturizer helps a ton, so you could try that!

Btw, welcome to the forums! (:

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Indeed, a good moisturiser will do the trick. You can apply it 20 minutes after you put the benzoyl peroxide, in this way the BP will have time to "absorb".

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Good advice from the previous posters. You should start gradually with the bp so your skin adjusts to it and work up to the full amount twice a day after a couple of weeks or so. And putting moisturizer on is a must. There is a list of suggested moisturizers on the site if you don't use Dan's. And adding jojoba oil or borage oil to the moisturizer works really well if you are super dry.

Good luck.

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