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Accutane Logggg 19/m *weekly Pics*

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First off, some background info:

Age: 19, had acne since 14ish I think. Started on forehead but traveled down. Get about one or two cysts on forehead every year now.

Severity of Acne: moderate to severe (I think). Cystic acne that leaves permanent scarring with hyperpigmentation and pits.

Areas: Mostly cheeks and nose. Many blackheads mostly on nose and cystic acne on cheeks. Once in a while get pimples, under bottom lip and chin area.

I just started Amnesteem (Accutane 20mg). I think the derm put me on 20mg to start because I don't weigh much (155 lbs.) and since acne is not so severe that it covers my whole face. I admit, in some pictures its doesn't look too bad but it does get very bad at times.

I do exercise on a daily basis and will keep an update on things I take (supplement wise) and how the side effects are affecting me.

Previous Treatments

- Benzoyl Peroxide washes and treatments.

- Proactive and Proactive Plus.

- Dan's Regimen (on two occasions).

- Dan's AHA+

- Every home/ natural remedy I could find on the internet.

- Differin

- many scrubs and OTC treatments.

- Several more but don't want to bore you guys.

Then my new derm saw me and said, "I could put you on antibiotic but I don't think it would do much long term." So here I am starting Accutane. I believe the dose will be increased.

OVERALL, acne isn't as bad as what I have seen around the forums (grateful for that *knock on wood*). I am officially on Day 2 as I am writing this right now.

Any tips would be much appreciated from those deep into Accutane course.

So here is Week 1. Many scars and soon-to-be cysts. Bad scaring on nose.




Day 1:

Nothing much to report, just feel dryness in lips but pretty sure that is just placebo.

Day 2:

Nothing much again, but do see one blackhead forming into a cyst or something on right cheek. As for side effects, slightly dry lips but not any different from what I experienced before accutane.. so placebo still I guess.

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Good luck! I am starting today! I know exactly what you mean. My acne isn't severe either but I have scars and it really sucks. In a way scars are worse than the actual acne since they don't go away.

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Day 3: Seems that 20 mg dose is too small to see any difference the first few days but I was right about the placebo last two days cause no dry lips today. so as of now no side effects.

Buttttt... that one pimple that seemed to be forming on my right cheek is settling down, i don't know if it's due to accutane but will report back tomorrow.

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Sorry for the late update!! Been busy lately. But here is it. End of Week 1 update.

End of Week 1: Day 8

Same old scars. The redness on forehead is just cause I scratched (sensitive skin- no biggie). No new pimples since I started since it has been years since I went a week without a pimple or cyst. Just that weird half- formed pimple/bump on my right cheek.

Side Effects: Finally feeling super dry lips. Slightly dry skin around mouth. Nothing more. Yet to see any Initial Breakout but actually looking forward to getting this over with so I can be clear.

As for now, super happy no huge cysts to make even more scars. Skin is finally getting a break. Results and side effects coming in slowly but surely. I guess its because 20 mg is too low of a dose.




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Hey, first of all, I think its great you have the courage to post pictures! Very commendable! :) We're at quite similar stages, both being 19 year old males. I'm also on 20mg of Isotretinoin, but the Ro-accutane brand, and i'm currently on day 17. If they still work very similarly, you could find your skin may get slightly worse at the end of the next week as mine has, though it seems to be a completely normal part of the Accutane process. I think I have about 4 more pimples than usual, 1 being a cyst (which i never get), however it does seem to be shrinking fairly quick (possibly due to the Accutane.)

Think of me as being you a week ahead! So any questions or anything feel free to ask me!

Good luck on your Accutane journey :)

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Day 10:

Super dry lips, it feels like no lip treatment even absorbs in. Other than that, no initial breakout yet just that half formed cyst on my right cheek. cant wait until this is over and the scars fade.

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updating yesterday Day 12: feeling very tired lately. muscles don't seem to recover as fast as they used to. but on the plus side, i shaved and my face has never looked so clear. I turn to the side and you can't see any little devil pimple sticking out. still no Initial Breakout.

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yes! i was reading up on it and realized that most people get IB. I might be lucky enough not to but won't be able to tell until a week or two from now. Thanks peaches28

Day 13: no new changes except for the fact that I no longer even think about my face, or look in the mirror a hundred times a day. Mentally that's a plus.

Week 2 update coming tomorrow

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Sorry for the late posy! been kind of busy.

I forgot what day it is but I just took pill #16 today.

so Day 16:

scars everywhere, no Initial Breakout. This is a new record, half a month and no breakouts. This hasn't happened in the last few years. Friends I haven't seen for a while are noticing a difference. So everything is looking up! Hope things stay this way and theres no IB because I'm tired of this permanent scarring.

Oh, and skin complexion seems to be improving but can't say for sure.

Side Effects: Excessive fatigue, not recovering enough from workouts, but the bright side is, I get amazing sleep without waking up.

Also, SUPER dry lips and chapstick = girly lips




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