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In Addition To Regimen?

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I Purchased the regimen about a month ago, within a week I noticed a huge difference! I still have a lot of scarring and the treatment is making my neck super dry, but I don't mind since the acne is going away. I am still noticing that when I don't wear the regimen for half the day.. I will get those under-the skin acne bumps coming out that are painful. They don't develop any white heads because I end up putting the treatment on it and eventually it does go away.

My question is.. is this normal? Do I need to keep using it for longer for those red bumps to stop coming out eventually? I'm also taking TrycycleneLo and 100MG of Doxycycline ontop of that once a day.

I'm also thinking the cheese products and alcohol over the the weekend may have caused this (as I limit it to almost nothing on a regular basis).

Anyway I'm 28, Female and of Polish nationality.

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The Regimen works best when it's done twice daily, approximately 10-12 hours apart. Consistency is key. As time goes on, the breakouts should become smaller and heal quicker than before. Usually by the third month most cases of acne are very well under control.

If you need some help with dry skin, please go here: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#dry

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From what I understand blemishes take a couple of weeks to develop, in other words what you ate yesterday isn't causing your pimple today, it's what you did 2 weeks ago. So maybe keep that time frame in mind.

My daughter has been on the Regimen for 2 months now and she is just now starting to see very positive results and not getting any more new blemishes. So it can take some time, most people say 3 months. So hang in there!

Good luck.

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