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Low-Dose Accutane And Skin Care

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First: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

I'm 22 and i have Acne for about 7 years. Most of this time i've taken Accutane. I've tried various methods, but none of them gave me a lasting clean skin. After several weeks or months the Acne came back.

So, last year i tried i low-dose therapy. I took 20mg twice a week. It worked not bad, but as soon as i stopped, the acne came back. Now i've started another low-dose therapy with the aim to out-grow it somewhere in the future.(Although my brother, who is two years older, still have acne too)

Today i ended the first 30 days of taking a daily dose of 20mg, so the skin would be clean from now on. Sadly it isn't totally clean. I still have some reddening, and some whites and blacks.

Now i try to take again 20mg twice a week and to have a acceptable skin with that.

But now my question is: What could help me to keep the skin clean beside the Accutane?

What should i do for the everyday skin-care?

With the Accutane i have only an unclean face, the rest of my body(back/chest) are acne-free. With the last low-dose therapy i sometimes got these nasty painful deep-under-the-skin pimples and normaly had (as i mentioned before) some whites and blacks and light red pimples. The skin wasn't dry but sometimes slightly greasy.

What can i take to get rid of this remaining unclean skin? For that i can live with the 20mg twice a week or even lower the dose in the future...

Thanks a lot!

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