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Should I Ask My Derm For Accutane?

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Hi I've been struggling with mild acne for a few years now. It started out mostly on my chest and shoulders (a little on my back). So now I get pimples on those areas plus my face. I get mostly normal/smaller sized pimples on the areas mentioned, however sometimes I get a cystic pimple on my shoulder or back. I'd say at any given time I have about 2-5 pimples on my face and 8-12 on my chest/back/shoulders. I'd say rarely is my skin good (3-5 pimples all over). Recently I've been working out and I have had a breakout of probably about 15-20 pimples including 2 cystic pimples on my chest/shoulders and I hate it. My skin is a mix of oily and dry which sucks and I've had eczema flare ups before. I'm currently taking doxycycline (an antibiotic) for my skin which helps to some extent but in the long run I'm almost positive it won't help. I've tried clindamyacin gel, benzoyl peroxide, also combining them, I've tried multiple face washes and a sulfuric acid wash that the derm gave me and nothing helps. I want to ask my dermatologist for accutane but I'm not sure if my acne is severe enough. But it really is impacting my life extremely negatively. I just turned 20 and I just want to be able to get through college confidently and successfully, but acne is making it very difficult. So if you have any opinion whether I should take accurate please share. Also if you have accutane stories share those too. Thanks.

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i'm not a doctor, but with all the success stories i see on this forum, it seems like a good option if you are careful and comfortable with the potential side effects.

before i tried it, though, i'd probably consider a few of the creams doctors can prescribe (have you tried Retin-A?

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